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Partner members

Through their support, partner members of SCORELCA contribute to the life of SCORELCA and the achievement of research activities aiming to develop the field of environmental evaluation, and in particular Life Cycle Assessment.

They take advantage of being part of a network promoting exchange between companies and the other scientific and institutional actors interested in research in the field of LCA, as well on the national as international level. Furthermore, partner members may propose topics to work on to the Management Board, who is responsible for elaborating the annual research programme.

Partner members have the possibility to join the Monitoring Committee for one project a year. This participation is an opportunity to exchange more deeply on the topic, and also to contribute actively to the orientation and the life of the project. Moreover, Partner Members can register to one Workshop a year. The workshops are thematic half-day meetings focusing on a specific topic and involving some experts.

Logos of partner members are published on the website of SCORELCA.

Today's partner members:


How to become a partner member?
Every firm concerned by the goals and the activities of SCORELCA may apply in written form addressed to the President of SCORELCA. Each application is reviewed by the Management Board. Each partner member will pay an annual fee of about 9 000€ reduce to 3 500€ during the first two years of its membership.

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