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Active members

Active members are key actors in collaborative functioning of SCORELCA and fully take advantage of all benefits of this operating mode.

Active members ensure the governance of the association and decide about annual research programmes. If they want, they can participate in the follow-up of each study. They thus contribute in an active manner to the orientation and the progress of each project and take advantage of privileged exchange time with other members and external scientific teams.

Each active member has a seat at the Management Board, which in particular allows:

  • To participate in elaborating general policy, strategy and projects from SCORELCA;
  • To decide about the annual research programme which will be funded by SCORELCA;
  • To make the final selection of the Monitoring Committees of each research project;
  • To approve new SCORELCA memberships.

The active members finally take advantage, at no charge, from participating in the scientific seminar which will be regularly organised by SCORELCA, from a publication of their logo on the website and in various publications of SCORELCA.

Today's active members:


How to become an active member?
Every company concerned by the goals and the activities of SCORELCA may ask for a sponsorship by an active member, and may then apply in written form addressed to the President of SCORELCA. Each application is reviewed by the Management Board. Each active member will pay an annual fee of about 35.000 €.

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