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Upcoming studies

This list of projects is neither exhaustive, nor fixed.
SCORELCA can freely cancel a project of this list or decide to add another one.

2021-05 – « Sustainable development » assessment

The aim of this study is to inventory and analyze the approaches of assessment of « sustainable development », integrating the three pillars: environment, economy and social. This study will help companies that wanted to take part of such co-funded projects integrating sustainability analysis, to give responses that are more relevant.

Call expected : february/march 2022


2022-01 – Geographical vs market-based electricity mix: recommendations in LCA ?

This study aims at detailing and analyzing the use of different electricity mixes in LCA. A first step will consist in a review of pertinent reference sources and studies on the calculation methods of these different mixes and their use in LCA. Then, we will detail how practitioners can/must use them in their projects. Examples will illustrate the risks that this choice implies. The study will propose recommendations and warnings on the use of the electricity mixes in LCA.

Call expected : february/march 2022


2022-02 – Land Use in LCA : indicators and consideration of land resource

The aim of this study is to provide recommendations on the use of Land Use indicators in LCA and on the allocation of the impacts to the different functions of an area. The objective is to better consider the land resource. An example of LANCA indicator will be proposed and will help practitioners to put it in practice in a more effective manner in LCA. A detailed analysis will discuss the land multi-functionality and determine how to allocate the land use in this case. Finally, a practical and educational guide will be delivered.

Call expected : 2nd quarter 2022


2022-03 – Carbon sinks: definitions, calculation methods and use

This study aims at realizing a state of art of the different types of carbon sink that are used and that can be used by companies. Moreover, methodologies will be proposed to calculate the emissions by these sinks over time and the associated greenhouse effect. A first step will inventory the definitions of carbon sink used in different contexts in order to clarify what can considered as sink. Then, the calculation methods and the use of these sinks by companies will be detailed. Finally, the study will investigate how the different carbon sinks are going to evolve and what are the current and future quantified capacities.

Call expected : 2nd quarter 2022


2022-04 – Carbon markets and links with LCA: limits, calculation methods and use in LCA

The objective of this study is to highlight and develop the links between carbon markets and LCA and particularly the calculation methods and the data needed for these two approaches. A first part will focus on the analysis of the current carbon market mechanisms and the calculation methods. The identification of the differences and similarities with LCA methods will allow linking these two different approaches. A second part will identify the potential future evolutions of these markets and how LCA could help these evolutions.

Call expected : 3rd quarter 2022


2022-05 – Purchase of products with recycled content: what relevance in terms of environmental impacts

The SCORELCA’s members are often asked by buyers on how to make “low carbon purchases”. For non-experts, recycled = low carbon. Indeed, the impact of recycling is frequently seen as always environmentally-friendly but this is not always the case. This study aims to identify for which material categories the purchase of products with recycled content is good for the environment. The analyses will include other environmental impacts (and not just GHG) and particularly the impact in resources.

Call expected : 3rd quarter 2022


NOTA : This current description of the studies is a first approach : the final requirements will be written in each call. These summaries can just be used by potential service providers to plan their work.

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