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Programme 2014

For 2014, research themes have been reworked and refined. The 4 research themes are:

flechTheme 1: Assistance in decision-making process, strategy and tactics
flechTheme 2: Research and innovation
flechTheme 3: Marketing, purchase and communication
flechTheme 4: Lobbying, encourage decisions

In 2014, some subjects of 2013 will be completed, and other studying topics will be proposed. Here is the list of research studies:

  • State of the art of environmental impact indicators used in the field of LCA, analysis and critical look
  • Geographical aspects in LCA
  • Circular economy: concepts and evaluation methodologies
  • The Input Output method: principle, strengths and weaknesses
  • Evaluation of data quality
  • Interest and implementation of coupling LCA and the Geographic Information System
  • Modelling missing data in LCA
  • Monitoring LCA methodologies and capitalising on the results of the SCORE LCA studies
  • Different sources of uncertainty in LCA and their calculation methods, impacts on the interpretation
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